All the value we declare has a boolean context of true and false, when we declare those variable with such context we will get either truthy value or falsy value. All the values are truthy unless they are defined falsy.

Example of falsy value in javascript.

Example of truthy value in javascript.

Null vs. Undefined

Many of us get confused…

What is React?

React is a JavaScript library for building user interface. It is component-based. One of the most important aspects of React is the fact that you can create components, which are like custom, reusable HTML elements, to quickly and efficiently build user interfaces. React also streamlines how data is stored and handled, using state and props.

What is JSX?

We use HTML in our React code, but it’s not quite HTML. This is JSX, which stands for JavaScript XML. With JSX, we can write what looks like HTML, and also we can create and use our own XML-like tags. …

Var Declarations and Hoisting

Variable declarations using var are treated as if they are at the top of the function doesn't matter where you declare that variable, you can access the variable from any scope, this is called hoisting. Let's look at some examples

You may expect the if the condition is true then the color variable will be created, but the ‘color variable is not dependent on any condition because of the hoisting nature of the var keyword.

Block-Level Declarations


Let walk through with the best solution for creating and manipulating Array.

Javascript Array

JavaScript is the world’s most popular programming language. JavaScript is easy to learn. Now let's go through the 10 important concepts about array.

1. Concat()

The concat() method is used to join two or more arrays it doesn't change the original array but returns a new array consisting of the elements in the object on which it is called.

For Example:

2. indexOf()


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